Tuesday 20th October 7:30pm

We’ll join Perry Lamb from Atlanta, GA to weather a freight car of your choice. We’ll follow Perry through his process for weathering freight cars. You’ll need to make sure that you have the materials below available to use during the clinic and you’ll need to prepare your freight car by applying a flat finish in advance.

If you are unsure to do this then check out this video you don’t need an airbrush though you can use a brush or spray can.

Materials List

1.     Spray Clear Flat Finish (Tamiya or Mr. Hobby)

2.     Dark and Light washes (Tamiya or AK Interactive)

3. Pan Pastels in various dark, light and rust colors.  (These come in sets or can be purchased individually.)

4.     Pan Pastel application tools or other soft sponges from the makeup department or beauty supply.  (Come with sets.)

5.     2x Pre-flat finished railroad car(s)  Flat finish should be dry before the class.(see below)

6. Microbrushes